Who We Are

The non-profit arts management company beARTive was founded in January 2013, with the aim to organize concerts and multidisciplinary events that combine speech, music, movement and visual expression. As acompany oriented towards the design, production and coordination of cultural events and projects, beARTive has as priority to enrich the Arts through the research of new ways of expression and the relation of Music along with other Performing Arts and creativity in general. BE ARTIVE aims to develop, modernize and upgrade the educational and artistic level in Greece and the support of young artists and teachers in the field of world music. The company is collaborating closely with agencies, organizations, individual artists and music ensembles in Greece and abroad by undertaking the planning, coordination and/or artistic direction of cultural events.

Erato Alakiozidou General Manager
Vassilis Kitsos Artistic Director
Dimitris Leontzakos Creative Director
Theofilos Sotiriades Production Manager
Andie Chantzi PR & Production Coordination
Iro Menegou, Αssistant to the General Manager
Alexis Pogrevnois ,Technical Assistanship

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